Growing things

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This term our inquiry topic is “Plants in action”

We have grown seeds in their own little hothouse (plastic bags)

We have also investigated a flower, we looked at the cross section of a flower and sketched the parts.

Yesterday we began revisiting our wonderings from the beginning of the term. Hazel’s wondering was “how long does it take to grow a mango?” we watched a short film to show how to grow a mango from a mango pip. We think that it takes 2-3 years for a mango tree to grow and produce fruit.

Earlier this week we planted seeds in soil. We chose from nasturtians, alfalfa, beans, mung beans and sprouts. They are growing quickly as you can see from the photos above.

What have you enjoyed most about our enquiry topic?

5 thoughts on “Growing things

  1. Dear 3A,

    I was really amazed what had happened to the plants. Because they grow so so fast!
    I thought that they would grow so so slowly and the
    alfalfa was extra super doper fast!!

    From Johanna

  2. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    I like planting the seeds and looking after them I’m growing a flower.
    I can’t wait to see what it grows into when it’s bigger.
    From Lily

  3. HI 3A,
    it was really fun growing the plants, when
    I took mine home they grow a lot more
    then we kept looking after them. Then
    they kept growing.
    from Ethan.

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