12 thoughts on “Soccer Clinic

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    I loved the soccer clinic and I can’t wait to do it next year.
    It was great.
    I want to do soccer exept I have basketball on the same day as soccer training, so I may aswell just do the soccer clinic at school.
    From Lily

  2. Dear Mrs kebbell and class,
    I really enjoyed the soccer clinic because it gives me some practise for the year ahead.
    I scored one goal from for the boy’s team and Isaiah scored 6.

  3. Dear 3A,

    I really liked doing the soccer clinc because
    I got a faw goals.And at the end of the
    game I thought that my shoe mite have bean a

    From Johanna

  4. Dear Mrs Kebbell and class,
    I loved the soccer clinic I loved smashing and booting that ball. It was fun it helped me for my accuracy for soccer.

  5. HI mrs kebbell and class,
    I had a great time at the soccer clinic, I recon it helped me with soccer a lot, and I liked being goaly.
    from ETHAN

  6. Dear 3A,

    I liked doing the soccer clinic because I got a few goals.
    It was really funny when my shoe came off.
    my shoe came off I was wondering if my shoe got a goal?

  7. Dear 3a,
    I think it was a ver good idea to do the soccer clinic
    1. To have fun
    2. To exercise
    3. It trains us a bit for cross country
    4. To have a good day


  8. Dear Johanna,
    Congratulations for getting a few goals.(I got none). It was really funny when your shoe came off.
    I don’t think your shoe got a goal.
    From Lily

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