Bold Beginnings

Writing must have the following;
1. A Bold Beginning
2. A Mighty Middle
3. An Excellent Ending

Let’s Take a Deeper Look at Bold Beginnings……

Here are seven great ways to begin a piece of writing, with an example of each using the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
1. With a question
Have you ever wondered why anyone would even dare to step through the door of a bear’s home?

2. With an interesting fact
“Bear attacks are relatively rare, but frequent enough to be of concern for those who are in bear habitats.” Why would a young girl named Goldilocks even dare trespass in a bear’s home?

3. With a single word or sentence fragment
Goldilocks? Scared?

4. With dialogue
Goldilocks’ mother always said,”Don’t go into the forest. It’s full of big scary bears.”

5. With a strong opinion or feeling.
There is no such thing as bears who eat porridge!

6. With something that leaves the reader wondering.
“As she slept, a large paw pulled open the front door.” but let’s not leave you hanging….let’s start at the very beginning….

7. With a sound

“Creeeek,” the door opened….


Here are some of the BOLD BEGINNINGS that 3A came up with for their own personal narratives!

Will: “I could see the beautiful sun reflecting on the navy blue water”

Isaiah:  “Splodges of red, green orange and blue filled my eyes up with beautifulness”

Valla:  “In the light of the full moon had she escaped?”

Hazel:  “The light shone on the red mats which made them look green, I took a deep breath and stepped on stage.”

Zoe: “I walked in, the place looked like a mountain of rocks”

Billy:  “It was rolling up like a snowball as it got scooped up”

Lily:  “Great pumpkins, where’s your tail?!”

Archie:  “I knew somewhere in my heart I was wrong and I was right too.”

Pippi:  “I could hear the footsteps behind me.”

Johanna:  “Mum, I didn’t think we would be that close to the Lions.”

Gracie:  “Please, (I said in my head to myself), I don’t want her to be late.”

Tess:  “It was cold morning when I saw a little, yellow, fluffy bowl.”

Jasmine:  “YAY! I screamed like my head was going to fly off!”

Byron: “I can’t believe my eyes!”


What is your favourite bold beginning?

Why are bold beginnings important when writing personal narratives?


14 thoughts on “Bold Beginnings

  1. Dear 3A,
    I like everyones bold beginnings.
    I think everyones story will be great, and I know that they we will all use bold begginings, mighty middle and excellent endings.
    From Lily.

  2. Dear 3A,

    I like everyone’s bold beginnings. But I liked Wills and Tess’s
    The most I think that Tess’s is funny and Wills show not tell.

    From Pippi

  3. Dear grade 3A

    There is so much involved in the writing process but what has impressed me is how quickly our BHPS students master these processes. Our students produce amazing pieces of writing which really illustrates to me how clever you all are and how creative you can be.

    I think having Julie work with us has really helped us all in the writing process. I love how Julie reminds you regularly that you are all writers and that you do the same things the famous writers do.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mr Roskosch

  4. Dear 3A and Mr Roskosch,
    i really enjoyed reading your bold beginnings they were soooooooooo good i would love to read the rest of them. Mr Roskosch thank you for keeping our school organised and inviting julie to our school she has helped a LOT!!! just like you said.
    From Jasmine

  5. Dear Miss Kebbel,
    I liked jasmine and valla but I think all of them are good.
    Anyway when you type up my bold begging
    You forgot to say
    And she was.
    But it doesn’t matter now
    From Gracie

    • Hi Gracie,
      I didn’t add the “and she was” part because I thought that it would keep the reader wondering if you kept that bit of information from the reader for a bit longer!
      Happy writing!
      Mrs Kebbell

  6. Dear 3A

    I’m in 4A and I think that hazels was the best .
    All of the others we’re great but hazels was the best.

    From Archie

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