Welcome to 3A

Hi everyone and welcome to 3A’s blog for 2015!

This will be our forum for sharing some of the great things going on in our classroom!

Our year has got off to a great start. Last week we got to know each other while doing “You Can Do It” activities. This week and next week we are spending the afternoons with a multiage class while we attend swimming lessons at Ocean Grove. It’s fun and tiring!

What do you enjoy most about our swimming program?


4 thoughts on “Welcome to 3A

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell,

    I enjoyed being in your swimming group. I had lots of fun,I was very lucky to be in your swimming group!!!

  2. Hi miss Kebbell,

    Your blog looks GREAT!!!!!!!! I enjoyed being in your class in 2013 as 1/2 B, first time i’ve bee in a B. Whel not realy in a Bee

  3. Hi miss Kebbell, can you guess who it is 5 seconds later….. Yep it’s Oscar whell not realy an Oscar as in a academy awards

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