Blinky Bill – Our garden buddy

This term 3A will explore plant life cycles through the unit, Plants in Action. As part of this unit, we would like to learn about the gardens of students in our class. One activity is ‘Garden Buddies’, where Blinky Bill, our class mascot will travel home with students on a rostered basis to investigate gardens.

The Garden Buddies travel pack contains:

  • A journal
  • A garden buddy: Blinky Bill

What the Garden buddy will do during the visit:

Each student will have our Garden Buddy (AKA Blinky Bill) visit for 2 consecutive nights (three over the weekend). Blinky Bill would like to explore your home garden or another garden you may choose.

When the Blinky Bill is visiting, the journal is available to record information such as:

  • The types of plants in the garden
  • How the plants are cared for and the jobs that are done in the garden
  • Photos or drawings of your garden with you or your garden buddy in them

Here are a list of ideas of activities that you might like to do with Blinky Bill when he visits your house/garden:

  • Introduce the Garden Buddy to your family and show them around your garden
  • Write a list of the plants that you can see
  • List the jobs involved in caring for your garden
  • Take a photo or draw a picture of your garden
  • Have Fun! You may see or think of something else you would like to include, feel free to do so!

Please remember to return Blinky Bill to school on the appropriate day! We look forward to hearing about your garden!

Here are some photos of Blinky Bill in Mrs Kebbell’s garden!

Tex and Harry (they were scared of Blinky!)


Blinky in our herb garden


Here he is on the tomato plants. Lots of baby green ones.


This is Blinky with our compost bin.


What do you like best about your garden?

6 thoughts on “Blinky Bill – Our garden buddy

  1. Your dogs are really silly being scared of blinky bill. Can you bring them in one day please?
    I really like the look of your garden it look really yum

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