Often in Maths we all gather around the table to do what we call a “fishbowl”. It’s a really good way of showing or explaining something using objects to help.

Miss King did a fishbowl with 1B yesterday when she was explaining about getting change when we use money.

Do you sometimes help your parents when shopping?



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  1. ᕼI 3A,
    What a great blog!!! I watched the greater than and less than video, it was a good video to learn about greater than and less than.
    I liked when Tim Silver wood came to our school to talk about how these poor sea creatures are dying because of us!! If we all picked up 3 pieces of rubbish every day then it would get a lot better!! Even if we don’t litter near a ocean, the wind can pick the piece of rubbish up, sweep it into a drain and that drain will be leading out to sea, then a poor sea creature will be thinking its food, and eat it, and then when the animal gets filled up with rubbish it will kill the poor sea creature!
    From Neisha

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