Interesting words

This week in Reading our Learning Focus has been “Expand Vocabulary” with success criteria: “I can tune in to interesting words”.

The Lions group were reading “I never know how poems start” and came up with a big list of interesting words.


One of the interesting words in this book was satellite! We were able to work out what this word meant by looking at the words before and after.

Have you read any interesting words lately?




11 thoughts on “Interesting words

  1. I have found lots of interesting words they are:brilliant,January,February,welcome,two,interesting,reward,fossils,meal,pub and December.

  2. I love everything about books! I love finding interesting words in them,looking at the pictures,all the words and of course reading the book! I like to read all day and night,night and day. How would we read without books? I don’t know! I actually don’t know what my favourite book is! I guess I like all different ones. I don’t care what book I read because like I said before I like all different ones. Well,I do have a book that I like lots. It’s called my secret unicorn, a touch of magic.

  3. That’s a big comment Chelsea. I wonted to read it all but I couldn’t. I fawned lots of interesting wad in reading. Did you?

  4. On December the 15th I got a book read to me and I loved it. There was an interesting word in it and that word was unstoppable!!!!

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