Throughout this year we have observed a magpie or two doing what magpies do. We have seen nests being built in preparation for babies, we have seen babies being fed (we think) and we have had conversations about magpies swooping and why they do this. So, it was with great excitement that we saw our baby magpie with it’s mother yesterday. The mum was teaching it how to look for worms and the dad was close by keeping an eye on things.

Have you seen any other magpie chicks around Barwon Heads?

Can you think of any words to describe the magpie chick?



12 thoughts on “Magpies

  1. I wast their but I did get to look at the picture. At robe I saw a bird in a tree. It had baby birds in there. A bike track was a come up it had million of baby bird waiting for their mums. some got fed worm it was a big view we saw a pit of worm.

  2. I have seen another magpie chick and my dad has too. When my dad was little,he always got swooped by magpies because there was a nest in a tree so he always saw them. I see them lots now because there is a nest being built in one of the trees at my house. I think that baby magpies look better than grown up magpies because the baby magpies have really soft and small feathers. I think they are really cute!

  3. I loved seeing the baby magpie. I think it is cute. What do you think? I hope it will grow up big and strong like it’s parents. I think it is a girl. Do think it is?


  4. Baby magpies can be very cute but also very dangerous. When I lived in golf links there were heaps and heaps of mummy daddy and baby magpies. And I wish all those sneaky birds a merry christmas.

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