Rememberance Day

Today is the 11/11, the day we remember and thank the many people who have taken part in wars to protect their countries.

This photo is of some of the poppies lining the rememberance wall at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.



11 thoughts on “Rememberance Day

  1. Rememberance day was fun. I remember my Great Grandpa fought in the Second World War. He did die in the war but he got put into a grave. When he fought for Australia he was the Captain. He died when he was 60 and he gave a book to my dad. We have read it. The book is my own now. But we still remember him.

  2. My great great grandfather James sadly died in France near the end of World War 1. My great grandpa Jim was only 2 at the time. RIP.

  3. Hi 1B,
    I am glad you celebrated Rememberence day because it is a very special day. It is also a very sad day for people who lost family members or friends from war. What did you do to celebrate rememberance day?
    From Emily grade 4A

  4. My pop’s dad was in the war but he sadly went to heaven .So my family can still remember him even tho we can’t see him.

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