Sovereign Hill Recounts

The special day I’ve been waiting for, Sovereign Hill day! My group leader was Mrs Kebbell. My favorite activities were bowling, the mine, the school games and the tall, tall tower. It was amazing!

By Pernille

Yesterday we went on the bus. First we went to the bowling alley. Then we went to see the person shooting his gun. We went into a cave and we went on an awesome ride.

By Marli

At the start we had snack, then we went to the “gold pour”. After that it was gold panning and skittles. We went in a mine. I thought that we were going up but we were going down! We saw some drips in the mine and a slide show. The man poured some water on the gold.

By Mac

7 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill Recounts

  1. I was so excited because our clues was going to Sovereign hill. I am so happy that the teachers set it up for us.My favourite bit was wen we went gold mining.

  2. Dear 1B,
    It sounds like you had a very fun day at sovereign hill!
    What was your favourite part?
    A few years ago I went to sovereign hill with the school and I know I had a lot of fun!
    Got to go
    Emily 4A

  3. Hello 1B!
    It’s Miss Curtain here. I love the photos and recounts of Sovereign Hill. Did you have any ‘situations’ whilst you were there?
    My Mum and Dad took my two sisters and I to Sovereign Hill when I was in Grade 4. I got in big trouble for two reasons. The first was when the tour guide told us about how naughty students would sometimes dip the hair of the student in front of them into the ink… so I thought it would be funny to do this to my sister. My Mum and Dad didn’t think it was very funny. The other ‘situation’ was when I ‘accidentally’ knocked my sister into the water when we were panning for gold. I thought it was hilarious but Mum and Dad forgot to pack their sense of humour and were furious.
    I hope I see some of the 1B students out in the yard so you can tell me all about your excursion.

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