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    • Hi Harvey,

      You must have enjoyed going to Sovereign Hill! What was your favourite activity?

      I remember going to Sovereign Hill in grade 2. I had a fantastic time mining for gold and going bowling. My mum came along and I was in her group. About 5 people were in mums group and she bought us a little jar each to put the gold we found in.

      See ya later miners,

  1. AWESOME!!! We’re going to sovereign hill, this bus ride takes for ever will we stop soon? I’m hungry. Hey look there’s a white duck. It was fun going to sovereign hill.

  2. Sovereign hill looks so fun … I remember going there on an excursion when I was at school (which is a long time ago!) I loved dressing up. It looks like you all had such a great time.

  3. I had a great time at Sovereign Hill.My favourite thing was……………………………………….watching the lollies being made.(I bet they taste great!) I had a great day!

    • Hi Chelsea, our group missed watching the lollies being made, we might have to get you to describe the process to our class!

  4. Dear 1B,

    It looks like you had a great day at Sovereign Hill! Your photos are terrific! It is nice to see all of your smiles and I can see how much you enjoyed yourselves.

    I went to Sovereign Hill when I was in Grade Five…way back in 1992! It was an overnight visit and we spent one day dressed up in the olden day outfits in the school. Panning for gold, visiting the lolly shop, exploring the main street and going bowling are some of my other memories from Sovereign Hill. In recent years, I have been to Sovereign Hill as a teacher.

    I am so happy Mrs Kebbell started a class blog for you all. I love to blog with my students, and I’m pleased that 1B have jumped on board with the blogging adventure!

    I have met some of you in the playground during recess and lunch. Make sure you come and introduce yourself if you see me on yard duty! My friend, Mrs Morris, taught you for a couple of days and she really enjoyed her time with your class.

    Keep up the great work, 1B! 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Miss Jordan

  5. I loved going to Sovereign Hill.We did lots of things and I enjoyed them.I liked going down the mine, going up the tower and going into the old school.In the old school there were five different activities.My favourite school room activities were just the quoits. I also liked the bowling.

    Got To Go.
    From Ruby

  6. Hi mrs Kebble
    It was very cool when I held the gold. Nic looked very funny when we were at the school when he played a board game.
    Thank you for taking me.

  7. Dear 1b,

    Wow! What an awesome trip it looks like you guys have had! I had a look at the pictures of you and I think you must of had a wonderful time!

    I remember when I went to Sovereigh hill and my group ran out of time. We didn’t get to do the Mine or play bowling! It was still a great experience though.

    When I went, I thought I had gone back in time, did you?


  8. Thank you Mrs Kebbell and all of the teachers and helpers for looking after the children so well and giving them a wonderful experience. It was a very big day and the kids were really looking forward to it. Eliza has spoken a lot about it and really wants to return there soon.

  9. Hi 1B,

    I’m Eevie from Miss Jordan’s class and I remember going to Sovereign Hill when I was in grade 1/2.

    When I went there was so many activites like panning for gold, going into the mine and make plain white candles into rainbow ones using hot wax. When we panned for gold we actually found some!

    I really enjoyed going into the houses and seeing what they were like back then. They were really interesting!

    Did you go panning for gold? If you did, did you find any?

    Keep in touch,
    Eevie 😉

  10. I found some gold I put IT BACK!!!!!!!!! That is dum of ME!!!! I’m am very VERY dum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. If I was in the olden days I would not like school very much,because the
    teachers they are very, very,very,
    strict I would not like that.

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