Principal’s Day

Today is Principal’s Day and our Learning Focus this week has been to recognise and use interesting words. We have also been finding synonyms.

1B appreciate all the hard work that Mr Roskosch and Mrs Cross do for us all and we have come up with a list of adjectives to describe them.

These words are: kind, helpful, fun, nice, busy, caring, brave, loving, fantastic, amazing, funny, great and wonderful.

Thank you for being there for us all.

Can you think of any more words to describe our Principal and Vice Principal?


18 thoughts on “Principal’s Day

  1. Being a Principal is such an enormous privilege and I couldn’t be more fortunate than being the Principal of Barwon Heads Primary School. It is a great honour for me and I take my position very seriously.
    We have the most amazing children at our school who are not only so very clever, but are so friendly and positive.
    It is therefore extremely important that I do the very best job I can for my students and my staff as they truly deserve only the very best.
    Every day is Principal day for me. I always am made to feel very special and there is no place on earth that I would rather learn and work.

  2. Hi everyone,

    What a great thing to celebrate! Of course Principals Day is an awesome day for our two lovely principals, Mr Roskosch and Mrs Cross. They are both great at keeping us safe and teaching us!

    Some words I think of when I see the principal and vice principal are…
    For Mr Roskosch:
    -keeps us safe
    – fun

    For Mrs Cross:
    – Kind hearted
    – Cool
    – keeps us safe


  3. Dear Mrs Kebbell’s grade,
    I am Emily from 4A.
    Some words our grade came up with is
    Smooth, caring hard working, enthusiastic, kokoda champion and many more.
    Emily 4A

  4. Dear Mrs Kebbell and 1B,
    I am Sienna from 4A,
    In our grade we had being thinking of interesting words like for Mr Roskosh we had enthusiastic, really nice, caring and heaps more.
    I have really enjoyed writing this comment,
    Sienna 4A

  5. Hi 1B,
    Those are some amazing words that you came up with! For Mrs Cross we came up with confident, smart organised. For Mr Roskosch, we came up with expert, sporty and many more many positive other words.

  6. Hi Mrs Kebbell,

    I am Kennedy from Miss Jordan’s class. I think Princapals day is a great day to thank Mrs Cross and Mr Roshkosch.

    Mr Phillips drew a picture of Mrs Cross and Mr Roshkosch. It looked super super good. It looked exactly like them but in a drawing! You might have seen it but maybe you didn’t.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Yours Sincerely,

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