Getting Along

We have been talking about one of our favorite Keys today and that key is Getting Along!

We have also talked about sportsmanship and how important it is to be a “good sport.”

Everyone in 1B has some really good ideas about how to be a good sport and how to get along well with others.

At recess everyone looked out for examples of good sportsmanship and Getting Along. Here are some of the examples that we saw!

IMG_7724 IMG_7725  IMG_7727 IMG_7728 IMG_7729 IMG_7730

How have you used your Getting Along or Good Sportsmanship skills recently?

Sovereign Hill Recounts

The special day I’ve been waiting for, Sovereign Hill day! My group leader was Mrs Kebbell. My favorite activities were bowling, the mine, the school games and the tall, tall tower. It was amazing!

By Pernille

Yesterday we went on the bus. First we went to the bowling alley. Then we went to see the person shooting his gun. We went into a cave and we went on an awesome ride.

By Marli

At the start we had snack, then we went to the “gold pour”. After that it was gold panning and skittles. We went in a mine. I thought that we were going up but we were going down! We saw some drips in the mine and a slide show. The man poured some water on the gold.

By Mac

Principal’s Day

Today is Principal’s Day and our Learning Focus this week has been to recognise and use interesting words. We have also been finding synonyms.

1B appreciate all the hard work that Mr Roskosch and Mrs Cross do for us all and we have come up with a list of adjectives to describe them.

These words are: kind, helpful, fun, nice, busy, caring, brave, loving, fantastic, amazing, funny, great and wonderful.

Thank you for being there for us all.

Can you think of any more words to describe our Principal and Vice Principal?


Indonesian Day


Today was Indonesian day! Hooray! We all dressed up in red and white. 

Livvy and Jack enjoyed making batik using wax crayon.

Violet loved making shadow puppets.

Max, Eliza and Zali were some of the few children who liked the taste of durian.

Dan liked tasting the special Indonesian noodles.

Harvey, Maggie, Marli, Stella and Pippa really enjoyed watching the Indonesian dancing.

We all had such a fun day! Thank you to Bu Wall for organising such a wonderful day!