Art Walk


On Friday the wonderful artwork of BHPS students was on display for all to see. Mrs Peterson taught each class to paint a picture of a dog in the style of a particular artist. 1B’s artist was George’s Seurat. He was a Frrench artist who lived in the 1800s. His style of painting is known as “Pointillism”.

Here is some of 1Bs artwork. It is all on display in our classroom so please come and see it any time!

Our olden day talk

Today we really enjoyed it when Pernille’s Grandmother came to speak to us about the olden days. She spoke about the time before she was born. She brought in many interesting things and we all sang Waltzing Matilda. IMG_7406 IMG_7410 IMG_7415 IMG_7420 IMG_7424

Can you remember what the brown object is? Did you remember to ask your parents a question?

Poetry Performance

IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7400 IMG_7402


That was so funny! Today the Prep-2s watched a poetry performance. My favorite part was when the lady did some magic tricks. I also liked it when she put her face into a doll and tried to sing “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. Now I love poetry!

By Chelsea

This morning the grade Preps to two had so much fun. We learnt about poetry. My favorite bit was the little girl. But the rest were good as well. There was lots. I had so much fun.

By Maggie

Ha ha ha ha ha !!! That’s funny!!! Guess what it is? POETRY DAY!! This morning the Grade ones and twos and preps went to the multifunction room to see the poetry. It was funny.

By Pernille

It was the funny show. 1B went to the poetry show. I loved the ending the best. There was a dolly who was shy. Only Grade 1 and 2 went to watch it. I know how to do tricks.

By Elisse

My favorite was the little girl at the end. The girl that showed us poetry had a friend called Mary and she was the girl at the end. She acted Cinderella. It was in the morning at 9.00. She said that Cinderella was Rinderella. She did magic and the magic was wonderful magic. I love love the poetry performance.

By Asha

Today the P-2s went to a poetry performance. My favorite part was the cow. The funniest part in the cow was liquid from my udder. I loved the poetry performance.

By Harvey

One big ball with a little ball. Then four little stars, five big stars. The little ball was nowhere to be found until the little ball was found.

By Max

Yay it’s the poetry performance. it was today. The Grade ones went with the Grade twos and Preppies. I liked the best the last bit. She did lots of tricks.

By Campbell

Yippee! School poetry. When we got to the hall the actor showed us amazing tricks. It was amazing. She had a red ball and a little orange ball. She pushed the orange ball into the big red ball. It shape shifted into four little stars and the red ball got humungus. She also made balls come out of her hair. It was really cool.

By Ned