WE have been learning about equal groups and repeated addition in Maths and today we explored ARRAYS.

We went for a walk around the school yard looking for arrays and they were everywhere to be found. Arrays have equal rows and columns. We formed our own array of 6 rows of 3 kids = 18! When we got back to the classroom there were more arrays.


3 rows of 4 =12


5 rows of 4 =20


2 rows of 3 =6


3 rows of 2 =6


4 rows of 4 =16

Have you found any more arrays?

6 thoughts on “Arrays

  1. I found lots and lots of ”arrays”. I even found some at my house. I noticed that our lockers are ”arrays” as well.The ”arrays” that I found at my house were; my couch is-1 row of 3=3 and the other one is my windows are 2 rows of 2=4,1 row of 6=6,1 row of 2=2,2 rows of 3=6 and 1 row of 4=4 and even my mums tiles are ”arrays” and the ”array” is 8 rows of 29= well, I do not know the answer. I asked my mum but she didn’t know the answer either. I hope we do ”arrays” in maths again soon.

    • Wow that’ s a lot of arrays Chelsea! I hope I find some at my house. Hey! I just found a 3×4 array on the number keys of the computer keyboard. It’s 12 keys.

  2. Hello 1B,

    I was very interested in looking at the arrays that you have discovered around the school. I was amazed at some of them that I have looked but never noticed were arrays!

    I found arrays at my home. Here are a few:
    My cupboard- 2 rows of 2. It equals 4
    My wardrobe of 6. It equals 12.
    My book shelves- 1 row of 3.

    I hope to read another post of yours’ soon!


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