6 Traits of Writing

The six traits of writing is a model that we use at Barwon Heads PS to learn the qualities of good writing.

1B have been looking at our favourite Bob Graham books and we have identified where we think he has used the traits in some of his writing.


SENTENCE FLUENCY-Long and short sentences: “Many coins rattled into Buffy’s cup that day and many faces passed by. Then someone stood in from of him. His breath stopped. His feet stopped. The sun came out.”

ORGANISATION-Excellent ending: “And Buffy lives up there, on the hill, to this day.”


ORGANISATION-Bold beginning: “Let’s get a pup!” said Kate

WORD CHOICE-Showing not telling: “She was old and grey and board as a table. It was difficult for her to get to her feet, but she stood, it seemed, almost politely. Her eyes watered, her ears went back and she radiated Good Intention.”



IDEAS: Write about what you already know. Focus on one small part of the event.

We also love the messages and inferences that we can take from this book.



WORD CHOICE-Showing not telling: “Mr Wintergarten’s front gate had not been opened for years. Rose heaved and pushed. The gate groaned and squeaked. Then slowly it swung open.”

What is your favorite Bob Graham book?

17 thoughts on “6 Traits of Writing

  1. My favourite book from Bob graham is………………….BUFFY!! I love reading
    his books because he uses all of the 6 traits of writing.

    • I wonder too! In his letter Bob Graham said that he has written his next book but that it won’t be published for another year!
      Happy Birthday Beatrix! We were thinking of you and hope you are having a great time!

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