Letter from Bob Graham



Dear Children from Grade 1B,

Thank you for all your letters and also your lovely drawings.  I love kids drawings!  I put them up around my room.  They make me happy.

You have asked lots of questions – so I shall try and answer some of them.

I can’t even answer the first question, (how many books have I written?) I’ve lost count – about 30 or 40?


I get my ideas from all over the place.  There might be things in my books that I have seen in the street or heard from the kids living next door, or dogs, (yes, there are lots of dogs in my books, I love ’em and they’re so interesting).  They are all different just like people are different.  That one that I have drawn overhead is a bit like our dog Maggie when she was young.  She’s very old now but she still likes to run after a ball when I throw it down the hallway.  Her feet drum along the bare boards and she sometimes skids into the door at the end.  That would make a nice picture in a book I think.  But I would have to find a story to go along with the picture.

I bet there are lots of stories happening in YOUR houses.  If you have a mum or dad or baby brother or sister or cat or dog or budgie there are sure to stories falling out of the air.  All you have to do is catch them and write them down and maybe do a picture or two.

I have just finished a new picture book.  It is being printed now and you will see it about this time next year I hope.  It is called “How the Sun Got to Coco’s House.”  It is about the sun travelling over polar bears and whales, kids going to school, foxes, hares, camels, oceans and snowy mountains.  And at last it will arrive at Coco’s house.  But like all journeys I hope the trip will be just as interesting as the arrival, as getting there.

And after that?  I have no idea!  I shall sit at my desk with a pen and some nice color pencils and a piece of paper.  Then, hopefully after a while I might site something down – then draw a picture, then……….? well, it’s not unlike the letters you have just sent me, is it?  I bet you can write stories yourselves.  I know you can certainly draw the pictures.

Keep reading,

Keep writing and drawing too.





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