Book Week Dress Up Day

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Today the whole school has celebrated Book week!

We started the day having photos in our classrooms.

Then we went to the Multi function centre for the parade!

It was great to see the effort that everyone had put into their costumes. It was difficult to recognize some people as they looked totally different.

After the parade we went into classrooms in our house groups and did activities with children from other grades based on some of the books chosen for book week.

Mrs Brown did a fantastic job organizing Book Week at BHPS and everyone is looking forward to next year!

What did you dress up as? Which activity did you do? What your favorite book?




30 thoughts on “Book Week Dress Up Day

  1. Everyone had very,very good costumes.The activity I did was making parachutes.The book I read was ”PARACHUTE”.I dressed up as ”Little Red Riding Hood and I also liked doing the parade.

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to say that I thought you all looked fantastic. It’s such a fun day seeing everyone dressed up as their favourite book characters. I hope you all enjoyed the parade and the activities as all of the mums and dads loved watching you.
    Thanks for making such an effort!

    • Hi Mum it is nice that you are commenting on the class blog.I think it would be nice if you could do another comment.LOVE MAGGIE.

  3. I dressed up as Frankenstein. I looked gross. Campbell dressed up as the same as me. Last year my brother Will dressed
    Up as Wally.

  4. Oh,it was sad that you weren’t there Ruby but I am happy that you are back at school now because I really missed you. I hope you had a nice trip though. I dressed up as ”Little Red Riding Hood, I think I looked beautiful. Did I?

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