Harold’s Mystery Tour

Today we went to the Life Ed van. We talked about healthy eating and the importance of eating food that is good for our bodies. It was interesting to learn about which breakfasts were healthier than others. It made us all realise how the breakfasts that 1B have (Porridge, weetbix, eggs etc) are the healthiest!

We had a visit from Dr Amazing who showed us different parts of our bodies and how they work.  We had some guesses as to what the stethoscope was (stethoscope, tethascope and kaleidoscope !)

We watched a short film and the main character was Harold. He gave us some hints as to what to do if you feel bus or car sick. We also learnt how to be safe at the beach.

The final thing we learnt about was using the YouCan Do I t keys. We talked about taking risks (Confidence), helping each other (Getting Along), keep trying (Persistence) and bouncing back (Resilience).


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