Our Olden Day dress up day

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What fun we had today immersing ourselves in a different time, long ago! All the Grade 1s dressed up and looked fabulous. WE had a parade and then we all did olden day activities. Everyone learnt to finger knit with Mrs Brown, write on a slate with Mrs Olsen and play olden day games with Mrs Kebbell. What was your favorite part of the morning?


By the sea in Morrocco

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Our final stop was a seaside village in Morocco where we drank freshly squeezed orange juice, bought some olives at the market. We also saw some bags and beautiful platters at the market. It was very interesting to see a big boat being built by hand. We thought that the blue boats looked beautiful – a bit different to Barwon Heads! Do you agree? Why?

Mrs Kebbell’s Travels

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These two photos were taken in France, the first is of the Eiffel Tower which is in Paris and the second was taken in the garden of a famous artist called Monet. Do you remember seeing paintings of his garden done by students at BHPS last year?


We saw these tomatoes at a market in Paris. How many different varieties can you see?


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After France we went to Morrocco where it was very colourful! Lots of special food, spices, herbs, bowls etc are sold at the markets there and the markets are very big. A bit different to Barwon heads market don’t you think?