Mrs Kebbell’s travels

imagewell hello 1B. as you can see, I am yet again having problems with not being able to insert photos correctly! I have tried, but as you all know, sometimes technology just doesn’t behave itself! I thought of you all when I saw this cute little fellow in a park in London. he was very cute and reminded me of a possum. do you know what he is? Can you spell his name correctly?

6 thoughts on “Mrs Kebbell’s travels

  1. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    We think it is a squwiel (Pippa) squwirel (Nic) suqwiel (Zali) squwirell (Jack) squwreill (Elisse) squwel (Lvvy) squwirle (Stella) squwiriell (Pernille) squiril (Maggie) squwiel (Harvey) squirrel (CHELSEA!!!!!) Yay! We finally worked it out!
    We miss you Mrs Kebbell and hope you are having a great time.
    It has been very very cold here, we cant wait for you to get back.
    Have you met any new people?
    Love from 1B

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