Reading Focus

This week our reading focus is Comprehension and asking questions throughout the reading process.

Our big book this week is Our Whale Watching Trip and this morning we came up with all of these questions just from looking at the front cover!

What will this book be about? Chelsea)

What type of whales will be in this book? (Angus)

How many whales will there be? (Jack)

Will there be whales in the book? (Eliza)

How do whales jump out of the water? (Mac)

How many trips will the whale have? (Zali)

Will the whale do any tricks? (Harvey)

Where are they watching the whales from? (Harvey)

How big will the whales in the book be? (Max)

Will the people swim with the whales? (Ned)

We are looking forward to reading the book tomorrow and asking more questions!

5 thoughts on “Reading Focus

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell and class,

    I am from Miss Jordan’s class.

    I love all of your questions about the book and I can see you are all very good at comprehension questions.


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