1B’s Fabulous Writing!

In class we have been learning how to become even better writers by using the 6 +1 Traits of Writing.

Last week we wrote a class story focusing on having a BOLD BEGINNING, MIGHTY MIDDLE and EXCELLENT ENDING.

We were not allowed to use the words “and then”

We hope you enjoy reading our story:

The Huntsman

I looked under my bed and I saw a bug!

It was big and huge and I got totally freaked out. I couldn’t actually see it until I turned the light on but what happened next was really freaky. It came out from under my bed. I screamed and screamed. It was a big, huge, huntsman. It looked very hungry, I wondered what it was wanting to eat.

I kept watching it , next thing the spider had vanished! Where was it? I thought to myself I stood up and looked around, the thing that happened next made me feel scared. The spider ran back into my room, it pounced on me and bit me! I felt frightened.

After a long time, I got used to having a huntsman living in my room. I knew it wouldn’t hurt me so we became friends.

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