Our visit to the office

Today we were wondering how the bell works at school.

We decided that it could be a good idea to visit the office and ask Tracy a few of our questions.

When we got to the office Mr Roskosh was there so he was able to explain all about the timer, the music and the bell.

1B are now experts on how the bell works!imageimage

15 thoughts on “Our visit to the office

  1. I enjoyed going to the office. How the bell works on a timer was very interesting to me. i loved going to the office. Mac

  2. You all look so fascinated!
    If only I could hold Pippa’s attention like that for 1 second, I would be very happy.. xx

  3. I learnt about the buttons on the wall that made the announcements go only outside, inside or to certain classrooms. It was very interesting.
    Angus Borschmann

  4. Hi Everyone,
    I am from Miss Jordan’s class.

    Wow, I wonder how it works. It’s so cool that you got to see how the music and bell works. You guys are so lucky!

    I love blogging and I think it’s great that another school at BHPS has a blog! Feel free to comment on our blog.

    Chat Soon,

    • Thanks Ella, I think that there are a few other classes that blog. We will try to do it more now that we have a few iPads in our classroom!

  5. Dear 1B,

    Hi. My name is Emma. I am in Miss Jordan’s class, you may have noticed her out in the play ground. I am also Olivia’s ( Livvy) sister.

    I bet it was fun learning about how the bell works! Can’t wait till to see what you’re doing next!


    • Hi Emma,
      How lovely it was of you to write on our blog. Once we get our iPads up and running I will get Livvy to respond to your message!

  6. I loved going to the office to see how the bell and the music works.My Mum, Dad and Millie would like it too.

  7. I found it very interesting too. Sometimes I need to make announcements over the loudspeaker for choir practice but I didn’t know that it is possible to hit certain buttons so that the announcement only goes to certain rooms!

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