Our excursion to Wastewise

Today was the day we had all been waiting for and we were not disappointed!

There was great excitement before we left school. When we arrived we began, straight away, to add to our knowledge about our Integrated topic- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We had a special guest “Gee Wizz” – a wizard who taught us how to make old things new again. Then we did lots of activities including how to choose a waste free school lunch. Our final activity involved acting in our own play and learning about how aluminum cans are recycled.

My favorite part of the presentation was the “Rubbish Wall”

IMG_1090 IMG_1097 IMG_1101 IMG_1108 IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1172

Addition rockets

This week we have been looking at addition.

Some of the strategies that we have been using to help us add numbers together include: doubling (Asha), using number lines (Elisse), counting on (Elisse), using counters to help us (Maggie), number facts (Chelsea), starting from the biggest number (Angus and poppa), and using your fingers because we all have 10 fingers!

Today we made rocket spaceships and the top and middle had to add up to the bottom.


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Everything

In class we have been doing lots of writing. We also read a book called “There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A ……….,”

which is where Pernille got the idea for this story from.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Everything

Once upon a time there lived an old lady who swallowed everything. One day she went for a walk. When she got near a tree, guess what? She ate it. She ate everything in the woods, and all that was left was a seed. She looked at the seed and decided to plant it. She went back home and went to bed. Then overnight a wonderful thing happened. The trees, the toadstools, the flowers, and the stones all came back to the woods. In the morning she went for another walk and was amazed by what had happened. She said, “Yay, I get to eat some more!”

By Pernille

Our visit to the office

Today we were wondering how the bell works at school.

We decided that it could be a good idea to visit the office and ask Tracy a few of our questions.

When we got to the office Mr Roskosh was there so he was able to explain all about the timer, the music and the bell.

1B are now experts on how the bell works!imageimage