Earth Hour

Today our school will be observing Earth hour. We will be turning off our lights, computers, interactive whiteboards and everything that we can think of that uses power. This will be happening between 12.30 and 1.30.

We do this because it makes us think about ways to look after the environment we live in.

We read a story called “The Mountain Gorilla and the honey” on the WWF website which is about beekeeper who was asked to move his bees out of the jungle to help the gorillas. You can see this story if you paste this link to your browser:



2 thoughts on “Earth Hour

  1. What a great story, I am glad that the gorilla’s habitat is now safe and the bees can still work hard! Did you know that one bee can visit about 2000 flowers in one day!? Also, bees recognize human faces so if a bee seems like it is following you it might be because it thinks you look nice 🙂

    • Hi Bec,
      We are wondering how you know so much about bees? We are also interested to know if you have any more facts about bees for us?
      Thank you,
      From 1A&B

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