Leo the Lion

We have a class pet called “Leo.”

Leo is really lucky as he gets to go and stay with each member of 1B for 2 or 3 nights during term time.

Leo has many adventures with his friends in 1B!

He is lots of fun to have to stay but sometimes he is a bit naughty.

We all really enjoy it when he comes back to class and the person who he stayed with reads

what they have written about Leo’s stay with them.

Last night he went to the footy and got to see Jimmy Bartell’s 250th game! It was great that the Cats won.

I wonder if Leo barracks for the Cats?


11 thoughts on “Leo the Lion

  1. Dear 1B,

    My name is Miss Jordan and I am a new teacher at Barwon Heads Primary School this year. You may have met me out in the playground. Like Mrs Kebbell, I have been teaching for ten years and I am loving being at BHPS!

    Wow, your new class blog is looking amazing! It will be a great space to show everyone the fantastic things you are doing in your classroom. I love to blog with my students too and everyone in 4A and 4B enjoys looking at our blog every day in class.

    Leo the Lion must have lots of adventures. He is very lucky to have attended Jimmy Bartel’s 250th AFL game! Guess what? In my class for the past few years I have had a class mascot…and his name is Leo the Lion too! He’s in my classroom this year, perhaps one day our two Leos can meet.

    Good luck with your blogging adventure!

    Best wishes,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,
      Thank you for writing a comment to the students in 1B.
      We have been doing some fun activities in class this week. In fact, we can’t decide what to write about because there are so many different things!
      In maths yesterday we were learning about Location and we went outside and followed Mrs Kebbell’s directions. That was fun!
      It’s time for us to go as we need to read our Big Book!
      Hope to hear from you again soon,
      From 1B

  2. Hi 1b
    I think Leo is relly lucky to have so many big advenchers.
    I wonder what team Leo bariks for to my best gess is the best team collingwood.
    From sandy in 4B

  3. Dear mrs kebble,
    Hope Leo the lion enjoys going to everyone’s houses, he is a very good lion and is never naughty Leo is amazing.

  4. Dear mrs kebble,
    Leo the lion is fantastic, just wanted to ask if I can take him home for the night I am in mr burdesses class 3c.

  5. Dear Alex,

    I’m sure you will be able to take him home one day. PS. If you do I will be next.

    From Jasmine

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